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They are the people experiencing disadvantage, B40 Indian women, in three states, who were already struggling to afford to feed their families. They are now finding it even more challenging to feed themselves and their families. These are the community members most at risk during this pandemic and whose livelihoods are facing the worst-case scenario. They are in dire need of food supply during this difficult time as they are now unemployed and to conserve what little they have; they are just having one meal a day. They absolutely do not have any savings. Some of the households have 4 to 5 mouths to feed.
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Each household requires RM30 for one week’s worth of groceries.

Donate to:

Vivek, Community Mobiliser – Sg. Petani

Bank: CIMB

Account Number: 7048112657

Pongkothai, Community Mobiliser – Hulu Selangor

Bank: Ambank

Account Number: 0880020146580

Vethanayagi, Community Mobiliser – Jempol

Bank: CIMB

Account Number: 7024452492