This dynamic workshop will help you develop engaging, interactive lessons for your students through the use of multimedia tools, student engagement, formative evaluation, and feedback. Upon completion, you will understand how to use technology to improve lesson planning, presentations, in-class activities, assessments, and student involvement. You will also receive a certificate of completion to enhance your professional portfolio.

You will learn to:

  • Create a fun and engaging classroom using edtech tools
  • Enrich course content with multimedia and technology
  • Enhance your teaching and presentations with technology
  • Increase student engagement
  • Create formative assessments and feedback

Who is this course for?

  • Secondary school teachers
  • College and university lecturers and tutors
  • Students and graduates interested in teaching
  • Those who are interested in the future of education
  • Community and workplace leaders
About the Trainer
Trainer: Akalili Amin

Akalili Amin

Training & Development Manager

A former chemist, Akalili Amin realized that working in a lab and mixing chemicals wasn’t for her. She’s now the Learning & Development Manager and Instructional Designer at BAC Education Group, working on innovating classrooms and improving classroom engagement to make learning more meaningful to students.

Akalili recently researched on the perception of secondary school students in Malaysia towards online learning during the Covid-19 pandemic. She has since extended her research to study ‘Culturally Responsive Teaching’, particularly looking at ways of incorporating students’ cultural identities and lived experiences into the classroom as tools for effective instruction.