BAC2School Kuen Cheng High School

22nd July, 2023

Empowering and exciting! These were the feelings of those who participated in this BAC2School project at Kuen Cheng High School.

Even though the team faced some hiccups before the workshop itself, their enthusiasm and drive to ensure this workshop was as impactful as ever never faltered.

With the target audience being the large number of Form 5 students, the team split the group into two classrooms of 50 students, allowing for better and more personal interactions with the students involved.

As the workshop began, the team focused on and dug into the topic of "Critical Thinking and Creative Thinking". The team engaged with the students in various in-class activities to challenge their minds and explain the importance of creativity in academic success, daily life, and personal development.

As the day went on, the team took the opportunity to introduce courses that are offered at our respective institutions, including BAC and IACT. Providing an important glimpse of the educational opportunities after their stage in high school.

Noticing the students open up and actually engage with the team, be it through activities or actual conversations with the trainers and student helpers.

With both classrooms having 1.5 to 2 hour sessions with the students, the students received a very well-structured and comprehensive learning experience. This made it highly effective in conveying the message that the team had for these young minds.

In conclusion, the team with BAC2School was filled with fun and valuable experiences, as well as learning opportunities. The eagerness of the students and their curiosity only added to the whole experience. Their attitude towards this workshop is a testament to the work that BAC2School has done, and we hope to continue this in the future.

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